Welcome to the Fly Trap

The Fly Trap is a collaborative feminist zine published between Brooklyn and London. It is the brainchild of Catherine Roseman and Elisa Pinto de Magalhães, two young feminists whose greatest accomplishment is having a wide network of intelligent, creative feminist friends. Elisa & Catherine bring together writers, painters, graphic designers, photographers, poets, activists, troublemakers and build a living document of contemporary feminist work.



When we were looking for submissions for our second issue, Forward, we asked submitters to use this prompt to guide and inspire their work.


We write this under the Trumpian-Pence-Bannon-Priebus dark clouds sweeping in like dementors coming to feed on human happiness. They are sending us stricken, desperate, furious, blood-boiling to our bathtubs, kitchens and bedrooms to refill the cracks in our hearts. They are telling us to “heal and unify.” And, to the dismay of many people deigning to safety pin together our pain, we will not.


Instead of filling up the gorges of disappointment in our hearts with poison disguised as “hope,” we leave our anger in carne viva, raw. A wound that grates against our world and bleeds, hemorrhages and never scabs, it is a reminder that pyjamas and self-care, love and rest can heal, but only forward is forward. And forward in anger is still forward. And forward in disgust is still forward. And forward in sadness is still forward. And forward in exhaustion is still forward. And forward in strength is forward. And in elation. And in expectation. And in demands. And in desire. And in support.


We ask you for this Fly Trap to rise and move forward. Write more than your promises, your think pieces. Display your creations, mobilize your feminist muscles, identify the people around you who need your help and the people who can help you.


Relish in the radicalness of loving yourself. This will surprise them. That in the face of blatant hate we don’t hate each other or ourselves, that is our strength. People in the past imagined different futures for us—Shirley Chisolm, Hillz herself— They imagined that moving forward from this day would look different. They imagined hoverboards and were given rollerskates.


We will not be satisfied by their backward visions of Forward. Not fooled by “victories” in lambs clothing (Roe v. Wade not overturned, but abortion restricted so stringently it may as well have been; Obamacare not repealed by tarred and feathered into unrecognizability; college campus rapists prosecuted, but never convicted; incarceration terms decreasing for minor drug offenses, but rearrests for the same crimes common and immediate, if they aren’t killed first; a wall not being built, but our friends and families shipped off in unquantifiable pain).


We will not tell you how to feel. We will not tell you what your forward looks like. We will provide the blank page for you to begin. We will provide support (and  a few deadlines) and love and, most importantly, we will join you.


Let them know you’re still breathing.


Buzz buzz.


You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas. – Shirley Chisolm


If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive. – Audre Lorde